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Chapter 12 in the second half of this book highlights nutrition for the frontcountry, clarifying some of the nutritional tradeoffs made in the backcountry that are best left in the field. Aside from specific foods that contain important nutrients for backcountry travel, there are other important considerations such as when or how often you should eat. You may have all the right stuff nutritionally but not eat it when your body needs it most or not eat it at all in the case of cook groups that return certain foods from the fields.

If you are accustomed to regular, planned meal times, the idea that you need to eat when you are hungry in the backcountry throughout the day may be foreign to you. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Howley S. Summary Discover how nutrition can help you enjoy backcountry adventure. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Printed in the United States First edition 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 The print edition of this title was manufactured to FSC and Rainforest Alliance standards using paper from responsible sources and sustainable practices. Includes bibliographical references and index.


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Backcountry Nutrition Basics 1. Energy: Your Backcountry Fuel 2.

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Protein: More Than Muscle 5. Fat: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 6. Putting the Nutritional Pieces Together in the Backcountry 7. Food and Mood 8. Staying Healthy and Managing Illness 9. Nutrition for Extreme Environments Nutrition for Teens Special Diets For the Backcountry Professional Appendix A. Energy Bar Recipes Appendix B. Backcountry Nutrition Pinnacle Appendix C.

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Military 9. Introduction So we find ourselves as a species almost back to where we started: anxious omnivores struggling once again to figure out what it is wise to eat. In addition to taste there are other things to think about before you plan your backcountry menu, such as: How much room will be in your pack? How much weight will you be hauling, including gear? How long will you be in the backcountry?

Where are you going hot, cold, high-altitude, or remote locations or a foreign country? How much fuel and water can you access on the trail? Who will be your traveling companions? Factors that Affect Food Choices in the Backcountry Food preferences Weight, perishability, taste, and texture of foods Pack space Length of trip or ration period Availability of water and fuel for food preparation Environmental conditions heat, humidity, cold, altitude, etc. Individual and group experience with cooking and food preparation Special dietary needs food allergies, medical conditions, etc.

On the courses I taught 13 of them we rarely had extra food - more common we ran out of food and had to re-distribute food the last few days before re-rationing. Most of my courses were year old males, who regularly ate calories or more per day! The bulk method is very efficient for large expeditions. Most climbing expeditions like those that go to Everest use this method. First you decide how many pounds per person per day. This involves looking at nutritional balance, your groups appetite, the amount of freeze dried food vs.

The poundage will likely be between 1 and 2 pounds per person per day. If you are over 2 pounds, you probably are taking too much or the wrong kind of food; if under 1 pound you will not likely be able to sustain yourself for long-term hikes like 30 days or more. For example, if you are going out 15 days with 4 people and taking 1. A little research on nutritional components of food and setting up a spreadsheet works very well. This way you can check on calories, protien, carbs, fats and customize for your own needs.

Second, you break that 90 pounds into proportions of basic food types - such as grains, dairy products, meat substitiutes, sugars, oils, etc. There is no reason you could not also break this down into breakfasts , lunch food, dinners, drinks. The NOLS cookbooks specify poundages for each basic food type based on nutritional requirements.

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This gives you 27 pounds of breakfast stuff, 27 pounds of lunch stuff, 36 pounds of dinner stuff. Now you are ready to break down each catagory into specific items for a grocery list. Lets take breakfast. Next, go to the store and purchase the items. Use regular bags and tie closed. Zip locks tend to not work well because when you pour out the food the lock mechanizm gets plugged.

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When on the trip, just decided, say on Day 2, that you want oatmeal with walnuts. You manage the volume of food with proportions - 1 part water to 1 part oatmeal for instant. Some may prefer to measure with their cup - after a while you get pretty good at just estimating. You then cook one big pot of cereal for all 4 people. NOLS uses 4-person cook groups. You sort of eat what you want when you want. You do not get hung up on rationing out, say, 4 trail bars per day.

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Some days you eat litte, some days you eat a lot. Over the long term it amazingly works out quite well. You started by saying the the "method" is not weight dependent but then confirmed what I remember being taught - that the quantity of food is based on a certain number of pounds per day. I don't mean to be argumentative but this sounds like a contradiction unless I am misunderstanding something.

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